Dressing Your Baby According to Seasons and Temperature

Buying the right clothes for your baby is one of the essential things that you must do as a parent. For those who are experienced already, this is no longer challenging. But, the case may be different for new moms and dads, as there are several things to consider.

If you are just about to welcome your first child, you should already be preparing for the stock of clothes and accessories for their day-to-day use. These include the right clothing items and pieces according to seasons and weather.

This is a guide that you may find helpful as this will include tips and other general pieces of advice about shopping for baby clothes and dressing them based on the season or temperature.

Dressing Your Baby According to Seasons and Temperature

Why It Is Important

Season, temperature, and weather are part of the things you should consider when buying baby clothes. The reason being is that these things affect the overall comfortability of your child.

As any experienced parents know, moms and dads should always provide the utmost comfort for their babies. Aside from the fact that they are still adjusting outside the womb of their mothers, infants and babies are very sensitive to other external factors.

These variables can also affect the overall quality of their lifestyle, as well as their health. This is why wearing the right clothes according to the weather condition or surrounding temperature is a must.

The Right Temperature For Babies

Season and weather change but, ideally, these changes should not affect or have any impact on your baby. The way to do this is to dress them with the right clothing items and pieces.

Apart from providing the right set of clothes and accessories, parents should also know the right temperature for their child. Whatever the season or weather is, your baby’s temp should always be between 98 degrees Fahrenheit (36.67 degrees Celsius) and 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.78 degrees Celsius).

The most accurate reading that you can do is a rectal reading using thermometers. When the body temperature reads out of the normal range, given above, this only indicates that your baby might be too cold or too hot.

Dressing Your Baby According to Seasons and Temperature

Dressing Your Baby During Summer

Summer is one of the most-awaited seasons of the year; and just like parents, their babies should also be wearing clothing items that will go hand-in-hand with the weather.

Here are some pointers on how parents should dress their babies during this season:

  • Thinner Is Better

Thin clothing items should be worn during hot weather seasons, especially in summer. This will allow your baby to feel comfortable despite the hot temperature.

Also, the coolness within the room can be easily felt when the clothes are thin. But, make no mistake when choosing thin clothes.

There are tons of brands and labels that offer such pieces. Even so, ensure to choose the quality items, that despite the thinness of the pieces, they would not break easily after a few uses or washes.

  • No To Layers

Layering is always the key. But, during hot seasons, the fewer layers - the better.

The principle behind this is that it will allow your baby to feel comfortable and cool despite the hot weather. So, be sure to dress them with not so many pieces that may keep them too hot.

If you still want to layer up, ensure that the clothing items are very thin. But, as much as possible, you will want to avoid this as it may cause overheating.

Dressing Your Baby According to Seasons and Temperature

  • Head Covers Are Essentials

Head coverings are very essential, especially during the summer season. You should always shield the head of your baby from the sun.

However, make sure that you are using a cap or head covering that is appropriate for the hot weather conditions. So, as much as possible, utilize accessories that are also breathable and fitting for the summer season.

When indoors, though, it is not very recommendable for babies to wear head coverings during the hot season. Even so, it is best to ensure that the head is still covered in some way or somehow.

  • Ventilation and Hydration Are Keys

During the summer season or any other hot weather conditions, parents should keep in mind that ventilation and hydration are the most important things.

When minding the right clothing pieces, think of the items that are very breathable. Such clothes and accessories will provide better ventilation, causing the baby to feel comfortable despite the weather or hot temperature. Alongside this, make sure that your baby is always hydrated.

Dressing Your Baby According to Seasons and Temperature

How About During Winter

Likewise, babies should also wear the right clothing pieces and accessories during winter. Aside from protecting them from getting too cold, wearing the most appropriate sets of clothes will provide them the utmost comfort that they need.

Here are some of the things that parents should keep in mind when dressing their babies during this specific season:

  • Cover It Up

Covering your baby up is the best thing that you can do, in terms of dressing them for the winter season. As much as possible, let no skin show up, especially when going outdoors.

From the head to neck, all the way to the body, legs, feet, and toes, ensure that these areas are all covered up. Include even the ears and nape as these parts can get cold easily.

This is why swaddles and blankets are essential, apart from the thick clothes items.

  • Yes To Layers

To cover your baby up, layering is the best option that you can do. By doing this, you are covering your baby effectively.

Depending on the thickness and function of the clothing pieces and accessories, the layers will vary greatly. So, as a parent, be mindful of the pieces that you are using as you may end up over-layering your baby’s clothes, causing them to feel too hot.

The purpose of layering up is to protect them from feeling too cold. It is not for making them too hot as this may lead to discomfort and other potential risks.

Dressing Your Baby According to Seasons and Temperature

  • Blankets, Covers – Do Not Forget Them

As noted above, blankets and covers are essentials, too. They usually function as the topmost layer of the baby’s ensemble.

Blankets, swaddles, and other similar covering pieces act as a finishing touch to the baby’s overall layer. Ensure to bring some of them, especially when going outdoors during the winter season.

  • Beware of Overheating

Keeping the babies warm and comfortable during the winter season can be quite tricky for some parents. While covering and layering up are very useful, some individuals may overdo it, leading to overheating.

Accordingly, it is a must for moms and dads to consider the number of layers, as well as the material and thickness of each clothing item and accessory. Be sure that each piece will still provide ventilation and breathing room for the baby.

Dressing Your Baby According to Seasons and Temperature

So, What Babies Should Wear During Warm and Cold Season

What if the weather or temperature is somewhere in the middle, not too cold and not too hot?

Parents should keep in mind that it is best to always utilize the layer rule. Dress your baby in as many layers as they should, and see whether they are comfortable enough.

When irritated or cranky, this means that they are feeling a little hot because of all the layers. So, try removing some of the pieces and accessories.

Parents should also frequently check the diaper, especially when outside. Moreover, always ensure that the baby is shielded from the sun.

Dressing Your Baby According to Seasons and Temperature

Signs You Should Be Aware Of When It’s Too Hot or Cold

Despite knowing how to dress your baby according to the weather conditions or seasons, moms and dads should also know the signs when their child is too hot or too cold. This only means that the clothes they are wearing could not provide enough warmth or breathing room, causing them to be uncomfortable.

There are specific signs you should watch out for, because keeping these unchecked may lead to further risks and harm to your baby.

You will know that your baby is too hot or warm when they appear sweaty and flushed. They may also breathe fast enough when overheated. Irritations and crankiness are also apparent when they feel too hot.

On the other hand, your baby is too cold when they start to show signs of freezing. This may lead to frostbite or hypothermia, which is not healthy for your baby.

When you see symptoms of unresponsiveness or lethargy, consult your pediatrician as soon as possible. Also, you will know that the baby has frostbite when the affected area appears pale white or gray and blistered.

The Takeaway

Knowing these things is as essential as knowing which baby clothes to buy. Aside from ensuring the comfort of your baby, these pointers will also keep your baby safe and secure.

As parents, you should be watchful of everything, especially the behavior and reaction of your baby. You will easily determine whether your child is feeling too hot or too cold.

Whatever the case, though, make sure to choose the right clothing pieces that offer quality and protection. Your instincts will guide you, so trust them.