How Much Do Baby Clothes Cost?

Excited about your baby's arrival?

It is likely that you are already preparing for your baby's wardrobe, which explains why you are here. As a first-time mom and dad, there is a huge chance that you are considering all contributing factors to the overall costs of baby clothes.

While each baby clothing item is very affordable, keep in mind that your child will need several pieces and sets. Also, there are tons of types that you will need, ranging from onesies and coveralls to outerwear and sleepwear.

Accordingly, building a baby’s wardrobe will require you to shell out a significant amount of money, especially if this is your first time. Even so, do not get overwhelmed because this post will provide tips and hacks, as well, to help you with your budget.

The Expected Cost: Preparing Your Budget

Baby clothes have a wide range of price points. Depending on several factors, the price tags will vary accordingly.

You can purchase items that are less than $15. Some budget-friendly labels and names even offer $5 to $10 pieces, particularly for the basics.

There are also other brands that offer baby clothing items that range from $20 to $50. Typically, some of these already come in sets and packages.

As for the high-end items, you can come across hundreds of dollars-worth pieces. In most cases, these items are under luxurious brands, which largely explains the high cost.

How Much Do Baby Clothes Cost

Additional Cost for Additional Items

Apart from the usual baby clothing items, which include onesies, jumpsuits, kimonos, shorts, pajamas, and coveralls, there are several other additional pieces that your baby will need during the first few months. You have to add these all up, as well, considering that they are part of your baby’s necessities.

  • Footwear

Infants do not necessarily need shoes or sandals. But, for their protection, they will need pairs of socks.

There are pairs, as well, that come in a shoe or sandal style, appearing as if the baby is wearing actual shoes or sandals.

Expect to spend $20 to $50 for this specific item, as footwear is going to be a part of your baby’s wardrobe. Certainly, the price will increase further as your baby starts to crawl and walk because you will need to purchase footwear pairs that are appropriate for these activities.

  • Caps, Hats

Caps and hats for babies are another set of wardrobe necessities. Keep in mind that infants and newborns always need their heads protected from external factors.

Normally, these headgear and pieces come with prices below $20. There are even some labels that offer sets of threes and fives but expect that the price is much higher than the given above.

  • Other Accessories

Swaddles and blankets are a basic part of your baby’s wardrobe. During the first few months, they will always need this even in the daytime.

You will need to shell out somewhere between $5 to $70 for each piece. Depending on the style, fabric, and brand, the price will vary.

Apart from these accessories, there are also other additional items that you may want to include in your baby’s closet. These are scarves, mittens, and other headgear for aesthetics and style.

How Much Do Baby Clothes Cost

Things To Consider

Apart from the clothing types and style, there are several things that you will need to consider when making a budget for your baby’s wardrobe. These variables will largely affect the overall cost, so, ensure to take time to ponder on each of them.

  • Wardrobe Size

The first thing you need to regard is the wardrobe size. This only means that you have to consider the number of clothing pieces and accessories that you want to include in your baby’s entire closet.

Some of the questions you will need to ask yourself are how much stock you want to have, and how many pieces your baby will need for every clothing type and style.

  • Laundry Schedule

The schedule of your laundry will also help you determine the size of your wardrobe. If you intend to wash your baby’s clothing items every day, then, you do not need a pile of stock of clothing items.

On the other hand, if you plan to do the laundry weekly or bi-weekly, make sure that your baby will have enough clothes to last before the wash day. Keep in mind that babies change their clothes twice or thrice, and even more in a day.

  • Brand, Label Preferences

Do you want to purchase your baby’s clothing items only at a specific store or brand? If you have this kind of thinking, then, expect that this will play a significant role in the overall cost of your baby’s wardrobe.

Your brand and label preferences will dramatically affect the total cost and budget. This is because the price varies depending on the name or store where you are buying the items.

  • Location and Other External Factors

While this factor is not widely applicable to every family, some parents need to consider the location of their home, as well as the weather conditions in their region. This is because the clothing items that their baby will need will also have to depend on the external conditions of their area.

For instance, if you are situated in an area where it is always cold, then parents will need to purchase more baby clothing pieces that are appropriate for this season or weather. The same applies to the situation wherein the area is always hot and humid.

How Much Do Baby Clothes Cost

Buying Baby Clothes On A Budget

If you have already set a budget for your baby clothes shopping, here are some pointers that may be helpful for you:

  • Quality Over Price

When buying baby clothes, ensure to prioritize the quality of the items more than the price. It is worth noting that not all expensive and branded pieces equate to high quality. Likewise, not all cheap and inexpensive clothes offer poor quality.

  • Function Over Fit

Your child, especially newborns and infants, does not need to follow the fit-over-function standard. They are babies, and they need comfort, security, and safety above all.

As parents, make sure to provide these things in all aspects, including especially their clothing pieces. Accordingly, the "function" aspect should always be above the "fit" and "style" features.

  • Minimalist Wardrobe

There is nothing wrong with building a minimalist wardrobe. As long as your baby is getting all the comfort and security that they need, this is the best that you can provide.

As noted, you should always prioritize function and quality over anything else. So, if you do, you will likely end up spending less than usual as you only focus on the basics and essentials.

  • Treat Stains Immediately

Another best way to stick to your budget is to treat stains immediately. Through this way, you will eradicate the need to buy new clothing items or make out-of-budget purchases to replace the stained pieces.

How Much Do Baby Clothes Cost

Tips To Save Cost When Shopping

Here are some tips and hacks to save costs when buying baby clothes. These are all tried and tested by experienced parents over the years:

  • Make A List

If you have yet to set a budget for your baby’s wardrobe, the first thing you need to do is to make a list. Jot down all the clothing types that your baby will need.

Apart from this, you should also include your target number of stocks for each piece. This will serve as a guide for you as you do your baby clothes shopping.

  • Take Advantage of Coupons

Brands and labels always provide concessions, discounts, and coupons for their customers. If you come across them, take advantage of each that you will get as these things help lower the overall cost of baby clothes.

Any experienced parents always advise new moms and dads to never buy new baby clothing items and accessories if they do not have coupons or discounts.

  • Choose Sets, Packages

You can also save money when you buy sets and packages. This is because there are always discounts on these offers.

Purchasing piece by piece will cost more. So, take advantage if there are sales in bulk.

  • Consider Renting and Swapping

Renting and swapping may shock many new moms and dads. But, these activities have been around for ages, especially now that the internet has provided convenience and reliability when it comes to communicating with others around the world.

There are several trusted platforms and websites that offer quality and safe hand-me-downs, even branded ones. Swapping baby clothing items, accessories, and other products among parents in different parent-related communities is also a trend these days.

How Much Do Baby Clothes Cost

Final Thoughts

How much you will spend on your baby’s clothing needs will depend on many varying factors. So, if you want to stick to a reasonable budget, make sure to consider these things as early as possible.

Also, it is very practical to seek advice and help from other experienced parents, such as your own parents and friends. You will learn a lot from them.

In the end, though, there is nothing wrong with splurging or indulging when it comes to providing your baby’s needs in terms of clothing pieces and items. But, it is important to note that clothes are not the only things that your child will need. It is always best to be very practical and wise, especially if the matter involves your family’s financial conditions.