How To Help Kids Get Dressed By Themselves

Getting children to get dressed themselves has a lot of benefits. It will be a teaching moment for them as it gives them enough and fun responsibility. Apart from it, this will also be an advantage on your end as it will be no longer included in your daily to-do list.

However, many parents can agree that teaching their kids to do the task on their own is quite challenging and even daunting for some. Yes, it is true that difficulties may arise in the process but, it will surely be worth it.

So, if you are looking for ways to teach your child this task in a very effective manner, continue to read on.

Importance of Teaching Your Kids

Alongside all the benefits that you and your child can get from this, there are also other things that this will teach your baby, and these things are what make it very important for parents to train their children to get dressed on their own.

Dressing on your own as an adult is already part of your nature. But, keep in mind that this is a stepping stone for children onto much bigger responsibilities and tasks.

Aside from preparing and training them, kids can get tons of perks, as well, for their own skills. While the tasks may appear simple and easy for adults, this apparently helps hone some essential abilities that every child needs.

This task teaches your kid the sense of time and occasion. Alongside minding schedules, this trains your child's mind, especially when choosing the right type of clothing pieces for certain events and weather.

Getting dressed by themselves also benefits their fine motor, cognitive, and gross motor skills. It trains their minds and brains to solve problems when wearing and choosing their clothing items.

How To Help Kids Get Dressed By Themselves

Tips To Help Your Kids

Here are some of the top and best tips that you may want to apply when teaching your child to get dressed on his or her own:

  • Have Them Sit Down

Balancing is one of the trickiest parts of children learning how to dress on their own. To help your child, you advise them to sit down first, especially when wearing pants or other bottom pieces, including shoes and socks.

  • Encourage To Button and Unbutton

Buttoning and unbuttoning are another set of tricky things that every child may face and experience. But, despite the difficulties and challenges, you must always encourage your child to this task on her or his own.

There may be a few mismatched buttons at first, but guide them through the process during this period until they get it on their own.

  • Determine Clothing Orientations

Remembering all the front, back, and sides of clothing pieces can be quite tricky, as well. But, the best way for kids to learn all about this is to teach them the right "tells" to determine the differences between the front and the back. Likewise, you must lead them with the right and effective ways to determine which holes are which.

  • Lay Out Clothes

Another best way to teach your child to get dressed on his or her own is to lay out all clothes in front of him or her. This will help your kid determine all the clothing pieces in a much bigger picture, allowing his mind to work, creating images beforehand on how to wear those pieces.

You may do this during the first few years when learning the task. This will serve as a guide for children, and even pick up the deed in the long run.

Age Is A Factor To Consider

It is normal for every parent to ask at what age a child should start to dress on his or her own. While it has become a norm, people who are asking this should know that this is not the right type of question.

As it happens, getting dressed by themselves is a learning process. It takes years before every child learns the proper and right way to dress themselves up.

So, to help you in this process, here is a guide that shows how kids learn the task effectively depending on their ages, on an average basis.

How To Help Kids Get Dressed By Themselves

  • Year 1

During the first year, children can hold up their arms to wear sleeves. Likewise, they can do the same with their feet when wearing shoes. Apart from holding up, they can push their arms and legs, too, through sleeves and pants. They can manage to pull off socks and shoes, as well, on their own.

  • Year 2-3

At 2 to 3 years old, children may already take off their sweaters and coats. They may push down their pants, as well, and even manage to find armholes in shirts and tops.

Months before their third birthday, they may already try to put on socks on their own. They may master the art of buttoning and unbuttoning clothing pieces, like shirts, sweaters, and polos.

  • Year 3-4

Between the ages 3 to 4, children may wear shirts and tops with little to no help. They may also even wear shoes or any footwear without securing the pair. Some parents may even see their children put on a shoe on the wrong foot.

During this age, they may use zippers, as well. They may even manage belts and connector zippers. Moreover, they may no longer have a hard time with all the orientations of basic clothing items.

  • Year 4-5

Between the ages of 4 to 5, children may already wear pants with little to no help. They may also put on belts through the loops of their pants.

Upon reaching 5 years old, your child may already dress himself or herself without your supervision. Most children can put on the right clothes in the right ways every single time.

Helping your child to learn how to get dressed on his or her own can be quite challenging and difficult. But, with the right knowledge, ways, and resources, this task can be fun and rewarding not only for your kids but for yourself, as well.