Top 5 Trends in Newborn Clothing

As a mom or dad, you surely want to give your newborn baby the best things to wear and to play with. Aside from that, you also want to make sure that the quality of the materials used in the clothes he or she is about to wear will not affect his or her health. The comfortability of the clothes can add up to the wellness and health of the baby. This is why clothes must be chosen in a way that you choose other important things that you allow the baby to use.

The pandemic and the things that are happening around us now has made us more aware of the importance of good decisions. In terms of consumption, choosing the right clothes and the right items for our family is very important. This is also one of the important inspirations of trends in newborn clothing in the year 2021.

All parents would love to give their children all the best things in life. This is why most of mothers would invest in good quality clothes for their newborn. It is not really something that is new because it is a practice that has always been there. Now that we are in this era of change, some traditions are becoming inefficient and inapplicable. We now live in a world that is currently experiencing some major economic decline because of the virus. A lot of families became affected economically because of retrenchments and bankruptcy. Aside from that, we are already in this period of time where the environment has already been suffering from different things that are happening. Clothes and other items must be created in such a way that the environment will not be affected.

All of the things mentioned had important effects to the new trends in newborn clothing. Everything has changed but some elements remain. Here are the top 5 trends in newborn clothing in the year 2021:

Top 5 Trends in Newborn Clothing

1. Outdoor Prints

The reality of the lockdowns and the inability of people to travel has affected their choice in the clothes they buy for their newborns. You will see most parents letting their babies wear clothes that are usually being worn outdoors. There is no longer a division or difference among clothes for the home and those that should be worn when going to parties and other functions. Yes, you will find all these stuff being mixed and matched to make the baby look presentable even without really going somewhere.

In terms of the designs, items that show the natural beauty of the world remain on top. You will find those prints presenting animals, plants, flowers, trees and even weather elements. This only goes to show that these are classic and yet timely elements that will never go out of fashion. These prints are always encouraging to children. It helps them connect to the outside world and it helps them recognize the most important things in this world.

Top 5 Trends in Newborn Clothing

2. The Colors of the Year

Every year, there is a set of colors for the year. This year is no exception and the most exciting thing is that these are being considered in terms of the best newborn clothing. According to fashion experts, tinted neutrals are going to be the most popular during summer and spring seasons. This will be coupled with minimalist color palette. Aside from that, one of the changes this year is on the choice of parents in terms of colors. Parents nowadays are more aware of the environmental impacts of dyes. Aside from that, it can also have an effect to the health. This is why it is forecasted that undyed and naturally dyed fibers will be popular this year.

Organic cotton among others has already become a trend. There will be a change of colors as the season changes. One of the predictions is the popularity of jewel tones during winter and fall. You will be able to see burgundies, deep blues, burned oranges and other jewel tones and the days become cooler. Neutrality and naturalism are the two principles for newborn clothing this year.

Top 5 Trends in Newborn Clothing
3. Shop Small and Support Local

Before the pandemic hit, the trend is for parents to look for big corporations that they can trust for their babies’ needs. This is something that is normally being practiced to ensure the quality and to make sure that the health of the baby is not being compromised. Choosing clothes for a newborn is a challenge. It is nothing like choosing the clothes of an adult.

Now that there had been changes in the mindset of people, there is also a shift in terms of who they trust when looking for baby clothes. People are now dedicated in supporting small businesses. The past year has been hard for these small entrepreneurs. Now that most of the consumers are already enlightened, they are now gaining recognition. It has become a common knowledge that these trying times, fast fashion companies and large corporations are no longer the priority in purchases for baby clothing. Moms and dads now consider small businesses in the neighborhood and put their trust to them.

Top 5 Trends in Newborn Clothing
4. Be Sustainable

Lifestyles have already changed and this year has become a specific era where sustainability became a trend in consumerism. This is not a surprise due to climate change issues that the world has been facing for the past years. A lot of families have already shifted to more sustainable products not only for the adults but also for the children. From rubber pacifiers, parents now consider sustainable materials and options. Even for skincare products, most parents would not go for organic. And most importantly, the clothes and diapers are already organic as well.

Aside from the switch to the kind of material they look for when buying, their outlook also changed. Buying less became a trend to support sustainability. The demand for safer textile such as organic cotton has also increased. Organic baby clothing has become a trend because of benefits such as safety for the skin of the baby. Aside from that, it is more affordable.

Top 5 Trends in Newborn Clothing
5. Gender Neutral Designs

Another thing that has become popular these days is the inclusion of unisex section in the store for baby clothes. A lot of companies have been affected by the trends among adults. Even retail giants have made it a priority to including this category in their production. There is a very important reason why parents are now considering gender neutral designs. One of which is the fact that most families are looking forward to having more children. If you want your children to be able to use some hand me downs, the best way to make it possible is to include gender neutral designs. They usually come in minimalist designs.

There are some things that do not change even if there are new trends in baby clothing. One of which is the practicality. As a parent, you have to consider that newborn clothes are essential. This is why you have to consider comfort when buying one. There are different types of clothes that newborns must have. From bodysuits to bonnets and comfy bottoms, you need to have them all.

Another thing that parents think about is of course mixing and matching. The good news about the trendy newborn items this year are mostly neutral in color. This means that you can easily mix and match them to achieve that perfect look for your baby. If you are becoming a mom for the first time, you have to know that you will never go wrong in terms of matching clothes for your baby. It will always look good no matter what. The most important thing that you need to think of is if it is comfortable or it is fitting well to the child.

There are also babies that are born with sensitive skin. This is something that will certainly need a lot of consideration when it comes to shopping for clothes. The trend of using organic materials for newborn clothes now can provide you with the peace of mind. As a mom or a dad, you surely are too anxious about knowing the best way to care for your children. The best way to be parents in this time of pandemic is to be very careful in buying items and in protecting your children.

If you are going to observe, baby clothes are usually expensive. This is because of the fact that they need a lot of time to be crafted. The designs and the details that are added in them need a lot of time to be conceptualized. Aside from that, baby clothes need to be tested for them to be perfect even for delicate skin. If you are looking at the price and you want to be practical about it, you can take advantage of one of the trends mentioned. Look for gender neutral clothes and you will certainly be happy with your decision in few years. Knowing that your next baby will be able to use the beautiful pieces you have purchased before is so satisfying.