What You Should Avoid When Buying Clothes For Babies

Shopping for baby clothes can be daunting for some. Whether you are a new parent or you are buying for someone else’s babies, the task can become challenging, especially when you do not know where to start.

When you check the market for clothing items for babies, you will come across hundreds or even thousands of products. The variations are too wide, both for brands and the made.

This is why mistakes are very common among shoppers. But, despite this being a usual matter, this is a very big “no-no,” considering that safety and security are at risk.

So, what are the things you should avoid when buying clothes for babies? Here are some of them, and make sure to take note of every each:

What You Should Avoid When Buying Clothes For Babies

Labels on Neck

One of the things you must take into account is the tags and labels of the clothes. When buying garments for babies and toddlers, make sure to choose those pieces that feature labels in either printed or embroidered forms.

Several clothing brands for babies still utilize the conventional tags and labels on necks. As much as possible, stay away from these items because they are uncomfortable and scratchy.

Keep in mind that babies have extremely sensitive skin. Accordingly, hanging tags and labels may only cause inconvenience, or worse skin allergies and other types of skin concerns.

Small Neck Openings

Baby clothes should always be comfortable. They must be breathable and light to provide the utmost comfort and security.

While this is common sense, many brands and labels still offer a few pieces that have small neck openings. As a shopper, whether a parent or not, you must avoid this at all costs.

Aside from experiencing difficulties in dressing the baby, small neck holes may restrict them from getting the comfort and safety that they need. This may even lead to health issues and other concerns that may hamper your babies’ holistic health.

Choose baby clothes that have adequate neck openings in accordance with the size of the wearer. The garment should not restrict the baby from moving, but it should not be too loose that the piece would already come off.

What You Should Avoid When Buying Clothes For Babies

Greenwashed Brands, Products

Going “green” has become a lifestyle today. Gone are the days when it was only a trend among some individuals.

This is why many brands and companies these days shift toward making their products sustainable and eco-friendly. However, not all in the industry does this in actuality. Instead, they “greenwash” their products to simply attract customers.

Unless the brand is transparent about its programs, campaigns, manufacturing, and production, do not trust the products. Accordingly, it is essential to do thorough research first, and ensure that the brands have credentials.

This is especially true and applicable if you are a shopper who is conscious of the products you are buying. Do not simply give in to those companies who claim they are “green” without checking all factors.

This is to ensure the safety and security of the products, whether it may be clothes and accessories for babies, or any other items for that matter.

Glitter, Sequins, And All Other Decorative Add-Ons

Decorative accessories, like buttons, glitters, and sequins, are not recommendable for baby clothes. This is much truer if the wearer is a newborn.

Many shoppers today are very attracted to visually pleasing garments. While these items are, indeed, cute and pleasant to look at, they are not the most comfortable pieces for babies.

As noted, their skin is very sensitive. A simple glitter or sequin may already irritate the skin, causing discomfort and inconvenience.

It is worth noting that babies should wear clothes that offer comfort and great functionality. Shoppers of baby clothes should always prioritize function and comfort over feature, style, and appearance.

What You Should Avoid When Buying Clothes For Babies

Gender-Focused Garments

Another thing shoppers should not do when buying baby clothes is focus too much on the “gender” of the pieces. Doing so may lead you to miss out on many comfortable, quality, and fitting items.

This is not entirely a matter of security and safety, but more of a variety of options. As much as possible, disregard any notion that blue-colored garments are only for boys and pink-colored pieces are only for girls.

As noted above, baby clothes are always about comfort and function. Accordingly, any thinking that color, style, appearance, and feature are the most important factors should be discarded.

Synthetic Fabrics

Synthetic fabric or fiber are those made by humans with the use of chemical synthesis. Some examples are Polyester, Microfibers, Rayon, and Acrylic fibers.

When buying baby clothes, these are some of the materials that you must avoid. You will see the fabric or fiber utilized in making the garments on the label or the tags. So, make sure to check them.

These days, reports have claimed that 60 percent of all the clothing items available today contain Polyester. Accordingly, many clothing pieces for babies and toddlers surely have this or are made entirely from this fabric.

Such items are not good for the skin because they may cause irritations and discomfort. Moreover, they are not breathable and light.

What You Should Avoid When Buying Clothes For Babies

Brand Conscious Thinking

There is nothing wrong with choosing the best brands for baby clothes. In fact, it is one of the most important factors when buying clothes and accessories for babies. It is part of safety and security measures to ensure that you are only providing the best for your baby.

But, there is a difference between being meticulous due to safety and being conscious due to several other things that do not entirely concern the safety and welfare of the baby. While you can be the former, you must not be the latter.

Being brand-conscious is not highly recommendable, especially if you are only after appearance and influence. Among all, you must only consider what is best for the baby.

Final Thoughts

Safety and security are the top factors you must consider when shopping for baby clothes, and these things that you should avoid will surely lead you to much safer and more secure options.