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Mini Bambinos strives hard to ensure of its partners, consumers, and clients are safe and protected when using our services. Rest assured that your privacy is protected whenever you use our website,
We, accordingly, have a policy in terms of how we use, process, and protect your privacy.

About Personal data

We, at Mini Bambinos, take responsibility for all the personal data and information that the users provide to us, especially on the website. These include, but are not limited to, the user's complete name, address, contact number, email address, and birth details.
Mini Bambinos receive such information through signing up, registering, and making purchases on our platform. We also obtain additional data from all users across the site upon ordering catalogs and products and subscribing to our newsletter.

What Data, Information We Collect

Mini Bambinos only requires specific data and information from our clients and customers.
Users may need to list down and provide their respective complete names, contact numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses when registering on our website,
While users and customers may choose to surf the platform anonymously, we require the same set of information once orders have been placed. Nevertheless, users may choose to still surf through the product pages, product catalogs, and other pages on the platform even without registering on our website.
Mini Bambinos still, however, collect and summarize which sites have been visited, the orders of the browser used, and the information of the linkway.

How We Use Your Personal Data

Mini Bambinos utilize all information collected from and provided by the users to fulfill all of our commitments in terms of providing quality services. The utilization efforts include, but are not limited to, sending marking materials and forwarding relevant information that may help the user's usage of our platforms and services.
Prior to the execution, Mini Bambinos may do a thorough analysis of the user's personal data. It is worth noting that we only keep such information for as long as necessary to fulfill our duties and commitments, or as long as the law requires it from us.
Following the usage and utilization, as well as the servicing, though, Mini Bambinos no longer has the right to use your information. Accordingly, we delete any and all data or information across all our platforms.

We Use The User's Information

Mini Bambinos have limited rights, but all obligations, to use every user's information. As such, the utilization of the data can only happen when we (1) process transactions; and (2) deliver products and services.
We, at Mini Bambinos, ensures that any and all information provided by the users, whether private or public, will not be exchanged, transferred, sold, nor given to any other party or company without your consent.
We, at Mini Bambinos, also use every user's information to provide a personalized experience when using our platforms. Through the provided data, it allows us to respond better to the individual unique needs of every consumer and customer.

Mini Bambinos utilize the provided data and personal details, as well, to send product and service-related messages via email. Such messages include, but are not limited to, order confirmations, order notices, shipping and tracking details, return and refund reports, and other company-related news or information that may help all parties involved.
Despite this, users may choose to unsubscribe from our mailing list to avoid receiving newsletters and company-related emails at any time in the future. Mini Bambinos' Customer Service Team may help users unsubscribe from the list. But, users also have the choice to do the process on their own as every email and newsletter comes with an "Unsubscribe" button.

Who Can Access The Data

Mini Bambinos assures all of its partners, customers, and clients that all of the recorded and obtained data are never to be passed on, sold, or swapped to third parties for purposes other than fulfilling our commitments.
We only forward certain information or personal details to third parties, provided that they are only useful to complete the whole process of exchange of goods.


How We Protect Every User's Personal Information

Mini Bambinos and have and run on a secure server. Users need not worry about the provision and use of sensitive data, such as credit card details as our platform transmits them via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. Consequently, the information and data are encrypted into our database, which can only be accessed by authorized figures and individuals that have all the rights to manage these systems.
Mini Bambinos ensures all users and parties that our servers do not store sensitive details and information, including all credit card details, social security numbers, and other financial-related information, once the transactions are over.

When We Expose User's Information

Mini Bambinos has no right to expose any and all users' personal details. We, however, disclose some information at certain instances, provided that we receive authorization or come up with an agreement with the owner of the data.
We also expose the information when this would protect the user's lawful rights and interests, as well as when it would provide security before the public amid emergencies.
Nonetheless, all users and partners should provide their respective personal information and data in accordance with the requirements and guidelines of the law.

About Cookies

Mini Bambinos' website, uses cookies to provide the utmost convenience and reliability to every user and visitor of the platform. We do not, however, utilize them to store personal information or data, nor manage them for the purpose of disclosing or sharing them with third parties.
A cookie, by definition, is a small text file. It is saved to and retrieved from your device, whether computer or mobile device, during subsequent visits to the site.
Cookies have two types: permanent and temporary (session cookies). The latter, as the name states, are cookies that are stored temporarily. They immediately disappear upon exiting or closing the browser session.
On the other hand, permanent cookies are stored as a file on the device used for no longer than 12 months.
Mini Bambinos utilizes both types of cooking. The permanent cookies are used to store the user's choices in terms of the start page and the user's details when the "Remember Me" option is activated upon logging in to the account.
As for the session cookies, Mini Bambinos use this type when users utilize the product and search filters on the platform. The website also uses this type of cookie to check the validity of the "logged in" account at the moment.
All users can and may erase cookies from the device that they were and are using. The step-by-step process may vary depending on the specific browser each user utilizes when visiting
The general process, though, includes a simple clear or delete button from the settings page of the chosen browser. Nevertheless, users may choose to disable cookies, as well. Some browsers even allow a notification-based cookie enabling feature each time a new cookie is sent to the device in use.
Note: Disabling cookies when using our website may limit the user's full experience and benefits amid surfing the pages of

How Cookies Help Users and Us

Mini Bambinos use cookies for the convenience of the users and visitors. Every user of the website may log in much faster by saving the username and password in cookies. Hence, the "Remember Me" button in every log-in or sign-in page of every website.
Cookies also help Mini Bambinos remember and process the orders in the user's Shopping Bag. Alongside these functionalities, cookies allow us to understand your preferences for future utilization of the website. The reason being is that the cookies save the details and information that the user provides on the platform.
It also tracks and monitors the advertisement materials on the site. Moreover, it compiles and gathers necessary data regarding the volume of traffic and site interaction, and consequently providing Mini Bambinos the specific needs of the platform for better and more improved access, usage, and control of the website, along with all of its accompanying tools and instruments.

About Third-Party Cookies

Mini Bambinos use third-party cookies, as well, for the purpose of collecting statistics. Similarly, these cookies can either be permanent or temporary, and they function the same way our dedicated platform does.


Mini Bambinos may include links on to other websites not related to the entire structure of the venture. They may not fall under our supervision, as well.
Regardless of the links' association and relation to the business, we do not accept any liability or responsibility for the protection of the privacy of the user from the end sites, as well as the content of these external platforms. Nevertheless, we offer these links to the audience as they provide convenience to the users when finding relevant information and details related to specific subjects.

Third-Party Links and Offers

Mini Bambinos may or may not offer third-party products and services on our own website at our discretion. These third-party platforms, however, have their respective privacy policies that are independent and different from what offers to the users.
Accordingly, we have not responsibility nor liability for the content, offers, and activities that these sites offer to their visitors. Nevertheless, Mini Bambinos always ensures to be open with the users and visitors of our website as we welcome any comments, reviews, and feedback about these third-party websites.
Mini Bambinos does not also collect any data nor information from anyone aged 13 and below., alongside all products and services, cater only to users and visitors that are at least 13 years of age.


All details, information, and content found on are copyright-protected, and are properties of Mini Bambinos in its entirety.

Online Privacy Policy Only

Mini Bambinos' Privacy policy only applies to the information and data collected with the use of our website. The policies do not, however, cover the information, whether sensitive or not, that is obtained outside the platform, and offline.

User's Consent

All users agree to all the details of our Privacy Policy upon using the website,

Privacy Policy Changes, Adjustments

Mini Bambinos applies changes and makes modifications to our company's Privacy Policy depending on the calling of the situation. If changes and adjustments are made, we include notices on the dedicated policy page, indicating the exact date when the changes are made and published.

Note: The Privacy Policy of Mini Bambinos was last modified on January 31, 2021.

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