Terms & Conditions


Mini Bambinos owns, manages, and operates MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE. Throughout the platform, the terms "WE," "US," and "OUR" refer to Mini Bambinos.

Mini Bambinos offer MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, along with all information, tools, and services available to you, the USER, for your acceptance of all terms, conditions, notices, and policies provided here.

Upon visiting, and/or purchasing from the WEBSITE, MINIBAMBINOS.COM, you, the USER, engage in our "SERVICE" and agree to be bounded by all the terms and conditions, "TERMS OF SERVICE," "TERMS," listed here. This includes all additional terms, conditions, notices, and policies referenced in the WEBSITE, and/or made available by Mini Bambinos using internal and/or external links.


All "TERMS OF SERVICE," "TERMS," and conditions apply to all users of the site, including and not limited to users and/or browsers of the WEBSITE, MINIBAMBINOS.COM, and/or vendors, merchants, customers, consumers, and/or contributors of content.

Please read these Terms of Service thoroughly before accessing and/or using the WEBSITE, MINIBAMBINOS.COM. If you do not agree to all the "TERMS," "TERMS OF SERVICE," policies, and notices listed here, then access to the WEBSITE, MINIBAMBINOS.COM, will not be available. Likewise, any service from Mini Bambinos will be provided. If the USER considers the "TERMS OF SERVICE," "TERMS," and all accompanying policies and notices as an offer, agreeing and accepting are expressly limited to these Terms of Service.
When MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, incorporate and add new features or tools on the platform, all new accompanying functionalities shall also be subjected to the Terms of Service. The USER has all access to review the latest versions of the Terms of Service, as one should before using and purchasing from the WEBSITE and utilizing the services from Mini Bambinos.
Mini Bambinos reserve all the right to update, change, adjust, and/or replace any part of the Terms of Service. The USER shall also have full responsibility to check the "TERMS OF SERVICE" page periodically for changes and adjustments.

The continued access to and/or use of MINIBAMBINOS.com, the WEBSITE, following the posting of any change in the page and/or the platform directly constitutes acceptance of all the changes and adjustments made for the WEBSITE, and Mini Bambinos.

Mini Bambinos operate MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, via hosting from Shopify, Inc., which provides the online e-commerce platforms, allowing Mini Bambinos to sell products and offer services to the USER.

Section 1 : Online Store Terms

By agreeing to the Terms of Service, you represent at least the age of majority in your state or region of residence, or that you are one and you have given Mini Bambinos your consent to allow any of your dependents, whether minor or not, to use MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE.

The USER may not use any of all products from Mini Bambinos and MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, for any and all illegal or unauthorized purposes. The USER may not also, in the use of the SERVICE, violate any and all laws in your jurisdiction. This includes but is not limited to copyright laws.
The USER must not transmit any and all worms or viruses, and/or any and all codes of a destructive nature. A breach or violation of any and all "TERMS" will result in immediate termination of your access and SERVICES.

Section 2 : General Conditions

Mini Bambinos, alongside MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, has all the right to refuse access and SERVICE to anyone for any reason at any time.
The USER should understand that any shared or given information with/to Mini Bambinos and MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, not including credit card information, may be transferred unencrypted and involve the following: (1) transmissions to various networks; and (2) changed to conform and adapt to various technical requirements of connecting different networks and devices.
Note: Credit card information is always encrypted amid transfers over networks.


The USER agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, and/or exploit any and all portion of the SERVICE, use of the SERVICE, and/or access to the SERVICE provided by Mini Bambinos and MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, where the SERVICES are mainly provided, without prior express of intent through any and all written permissions.
The headings utilized in this format are only for convenience, and will not limit nor affect these Terms.

Section 3 : Accuracy, Completeness And Timeliness of Information

Mini Bambinos is not responsible if the available information on MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, is not complete, accurate, or updated. Any and all content or material on the platform is released for general information.

The USER should not rely only on the information provided on the website alone for the sole basis of making decisions. Mini Bambinos is not liable for any decision made without sourcing and consulting primary, more complete, more accurate, and more timely information. Sole reliance on the content and any other material presented on the platform is at the USER's risk.
MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, may or may not contain historical information. Provisions of such are only for the USER's reference, and may not necessarily be current.

Mini Bambinos reserves all the rights to modify and adjust the content of the platform at any time. But, we, nor the website have no obligation to update any information for the USER's convenience.
The USER has all the responsibility to monitor any and all changes made to MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE.

Section 4: Changes, Modifications on Price And Services

Mini Bambinos and MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, have no obligation to notify the USER regarding any change made on prices prior to purchasing and ordering. We, and the platform, reserve all the rights to modify or discontinue the SERVICE, or any part or any content thereof, without notice.
Mini Bambinos will not be liable to the USER, or any other third-party, for the modifications and changes on the prices. This applies, as well, to SERVICE suspension or discontinuance.

Section 5: Products And/Or Services

Mini Bambinos offer all products and services exclusively on MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE. All of such may have limited quantities, and may be subjected to RETURN or EXCHANGE, provided that the USER observes all policies that apply to returns and exchanges.
The platform will not be responsible for the products' and other offers' digital appearances on the USER's end. Mini Bambinos exhaust all quality efforts to display accurate appearances, qualities, and aesthetics via MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, for the USER's references.

Mini Bambinos is not liable for any discrepancy revolving around the product's appearance due to external factors not covered nor related to Mini Bambinos.
Mini Bambinos and MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, reserve all the right but not obligated to place limits on the sales per product or service offering to any and all USER, no matter the location or circumstance is. We, alongside the platform, may exercise the said right depending on a case-to-case basis.
Likewise, product descriptions and any other add-on prices related to the offers may change at any time, and at the sole discretion of Mini Bambinos. We and MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, have all the right to apply such changes without the provisions of notices and updates toward the USER. We do not accept, as well, any proposals for any product or service placed on the platform.

Mini Bambinos does not warrant the USER regarding the overall quality of the product/s, service/s, and information meeting certain expectations. We do not guarantee, as well, the correction of any errors in the SERVICE but may vary depending on the case.

Section 6 : Account Infirmation And Accuracy of Billing

Mini Bambinos have the right to refuse any order made by the USER on MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE. We, alongside the platform, may limit or cancel quantities purchased per USER, per order, or per household, depending on our sole discretion.

The restrictions may apply to orders placed by USERS under the same customer account and/or credit card details. This may also apply to orders that utilize the same billing and/or shipping address.
Mini Bambinos may or may not notify the USERS depending on the case or situation. But, in most cases, notifications regarding cancelling or modifying orders due to the said term are sent via email. We may attempt to make contact, as well, using the billing address or phone number listed on the account.

Mini Bambinos also have the right to limit and/or prohibit orders that are placed by dealers, resellers, and/or distributors. Thorough reviews will be conducted primarily before making contact and/or doing changes to the orders.
By registering and signing up for an account on MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, the USER agrees to provide and list updated, complete, and accurate information. Likewise, the USER agrees to make accurate and complete purchases and orders on the said platform.

To be able to complete all orders and other transactions, Mini Bambinos, including the WEBSITE, requires necessary personal details. These include the USER's email address, contact details, credit card number, and expiration date.

Section 7 : Optional Tools, Instruments

Mini Bambinos provides all USERS with access to various third-party tools on MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE. We neither monitor nor control these instruments, as well as the usage of the platform's audience.

Upon usage of such tools, the USER acknowledges and agrees that the website accommodates these instruments "as is" and "as available." They also do not come with any warranties, conditions, terms, or representations of any kind, including any endorsement. Accordingly, Mini Bambinos will have no liability nor responsibility toward the USER regarding the use of the third-party tools and instruments as they are all optional.
The USER has all the discretion to whether use or utilize these tools while on the website. Nevertheless, all users should ensure the familiarization of these accessories, as well as the accompanying terms of the services provided by the third-party.

MINIBAMBINOS.COM may add, remove, and modify some of the features of these tools for the improvement of the platform. Whatever the case, though, all third-party instruments will also be subjected to the Terms of Service.

Section 8: Marketing Campaigns Via Messages

Mini Bambinos utilize various marketing campaigns and tools to widen the reach toward the audience. The USER may choose to receive such materials either via text message, email, or MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE.

To exhaust the service, the USER may send a message to the direct department, indicating any and all consent. In doing so, the USER permits Mini Bambinos to send recurring marketing or promotional materials. This does not limit to promos and/or advertisement tools as each TEXT MESSAGE may involve order-related and/or product/related notes and reports.

The USER should understand that the receiving frequency of TEXT MESSAGES may vary. Nonetheless, these campaigns are optional, and are not a condition prior to making an order and/or purchase.
Mini Bambinos gives the USER all liability in terms of the receiving of the TEXT MESSAGE. Any and all users may choose to unsubscribe and/or stop the said service by relaying the requests to the right department.
Any and all TEXT MESSAGES may incur charges and fees depending on the USER's mobile service provider. Data rates may also apply in every material Mini Bambinos send over time.

The USER should coordinate with their dedicated wireless carrier and consult about the pricing plan before the provision of consent to Mini Bambinos. We, alongside MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, will not be liable for any unwanted charges and fees due to missed consultations with the USERS' mobile services. Under no circumstances will we, as well as the affiliates, be responsible for the charges incurred by the TEXT MESSAGES.
Any and all marketing campaigns and materials, notably TEXT MESSAGES, may either reach the USER or not. This will solely depend on the USER's network operator, and Mini Bambinos will not be held accountable for any delays or failure of receiving the TEXT MESSAGES.

The TEXT MESSAGE services provided by Mini Bambinos are on an "AS IS" footing. Any and all data or information obtained from the USER through the marketing tools and materials following the provision of consent may include the network service provider and contact number, as well as the date, time, and body of the TEXT MESSAGE.

By providing the prior written consent, Mini Bambinos may utilize this information in accordance with the Private Policy. The utilization, however, will focus solely on the provision of services toward the USER.
All USERS may check with MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, for the details on how Mini Bambinos use any and all contact details and information.
In the instance that the USER changes or deactivates the listed phone number, the responsible individuals should have all the obligations to make changes on the relating account on MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE. This is to prevent Mini Bambinos to make contact with anyone who acquires the phone number in question in the future, unless the same individual also provides the same consent. Doing so will also allow Mini Bambinos to establish direct marketing contact to the new number of the USER, unless otherwise instructed.

Section 9: Third-Party Links

Some content, products, and services made available by Mini Bambinos may include tools, instruments, and materials from third-parties. Links, being the most common of all, may be found in certain aspects of our overall operation, especially on MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE.

These links may direct the USER to the relating third-party websites, which are maybe either affiliated or not with Mini Bambinos. Whether related or not, Mini Bambinos will not be responsible for examining and/or evaluating such links and other instruments provided by the third-parties.

Mini Bambinos, including MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, will not also have any responsibility or liability for the third-party websites, along with all the accompanying materials, products, and services that these parties may provide to the USER. Accordingly, Mini Bambinos does not also have any accountability for any damage or harm that may be incurred due to accessing the platforms of the third-parties via the links.

The potential damage and harm may include but not be limited to the use or exhaustion of the platforms, services, resources, and products, as well as any and all transactions between the USER and any and all third-party websites.
The USER should have all the responsibility to check and review any and all third-party services, offerings, products, and transactions. In the occurrence that the USER has complaints, claims, concerns, or inquiries toward the third-party, Mini Bambinos will not be liable as they all should be directed to the third-party in question.

Section 10: Feedback, Reviews, Comments, And Other User Submissions

Mini Bambinos may ask or request the USER to send feedback, reviews, comments, and other relating materials via MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE. There will be instances, as well, that we may formally invite any and all USERS to submit specific tools, instruments, or supplies for promotional events, including contests and competitions.

Upon submission, whether via the website or any other mode of transaction, the USER provides consent to Mini Bambinos, at any time and without restriction, to publish, edit, copy, distribute, translate, and/or make derivations from the original work in any medium available and accessible. Accordingly, Mini Bambinos, alongside MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, will be under no obligation to (1) maintain, manage, and control any and all types of comments from other USERS; (2) compensate the USER in question and any other USERS for additional feedback, review, and comments; or (3) make responses to any of the feedback given toward the materials provided.

Mini Bambinos may, however, monitor, remove, and edit certain content materials that are determined and/or identified as unlawful, harmful, offensive, threatening, defamatory, libelous, obscene, and/or pornographic. We may also, but under no obligation, reject materials that violate any and all USERS' and/or party's intellectual property or Mini Bambino's Terms of Service and policies.
The USER also agrees that the materials, along with all the content, will not violate any of our and/or any third-party's terms and policies. These may include privacy, personality, trademark, and/or copyright, as well as any other personal or proprietary right.

Submissions should also not contain any content that violates Mini Bambino's policies and terms. It should not have any computer virus or malware, as well, that may negatively impact the platform's functionality nor the company's operation of the SERVICE.

All USERS may not use false email addresses, and/or pretend to be someone else. All agreeing parties should not mislead Mini Bambinos and MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, regarding all relating matters to the submitted materials.

The USER shall take all responsibility and liability for any of the comments made Furthermore, Mini Bambinos shall not be accountable for any other USERS' comments and reviews provided for others' submissions.

Section 11: Personal Information

Mini Bambinos require any and all USERS to provide personal details, including name, contact number, credit card details, and billing and shipping details when creating an account on MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE. The USER has all the responsibility to give accurate, complete, and updated information.
Mini Bambinos governs all information submissions in compliance with our Privacy Policy. To check all relating details and guidelines, here is the MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE's Privacy Policy page.

Section 12: Omissions, Inaccuracies, And Errors

USERS may occasionally discover and/or witness some typographical errors, omissions, and inaccuracies on MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, in terms of the content. This includes any and all aspects of the platform, such as product descriptions, promotions, pricing details, offers, and any other details relating to the overall SERVICE from Mini Bambinos and MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE.

Mini Bambinos reserve all the right to correct and modify these errors and inaccuracies, and even omit faults or flaws to the content, alongside the details in question. These actions may be executed even without providing notice to the USER/S, even after the USER/S' order placement and processing.
Mini Bambinos shall not take any obligation to amend or clarify details in the SERVICE, as well as in any other website-related information and pricing specifications, except when the law requires to do so. We, alongside the WEBSITE, do not take responsibility, as well, to provide updates, indicating any and all modifications and/or omissions executed in the set of SERVICE-related information.

Section 13: Prohibited Uses

Mini Bambinos sets prohibitions in the above-given point under the TERMS OF SERVICE section. In a more detailed preview of what we, and MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, prohibits, and in addition to the other pre-set restrictions, here are the following stipulations that every USER should consider, review, and comprehend:

Mini Bambinos prohibits any and all USER/S to use MINIBAMBINOS, the WEBSITE, along with all of its content, (1) for any unlawful purpose or venture; (2) to solicit any and all USER/S and/or other individuals outside the platform to participate and/or join any unlawful movements, acts, and ventures; (3) to violate any and all international, provincial, state, and federal regulations, laws, rules, and/or ordinances; (4) to infringe upon or violate Mini Bambinos' intellectual property rights, as well as any and all USER/S'; (5) to insult, harm, abuse, defame, slander, harass, intimidate, disparage, and/or discriminate any and all USER/S and other relating parties based on any and all accounts, including but not limited to gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, age, ethnicity, disability, and/or national origin.

Mini Bambinos does not also allow any and all USER/S (1) to submit false, misleading, and/or bogus information; (2) to upload, submit, and/or transmit viruses and/or any other type of malware and/or malicious codes that will impact the operation, SERVICE, and functionality in any way possible; (3) to collect, track, monitor, and/or scrape any and all other USER/S' personal details and information; (4) to spam, scrape, pharm, phish, spider, crawl, and/or pretext any and all other USER/S; or (5) to interfere with the security features, measures, and functionalities of the SERVICE and the WEBSITE, using MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE.

Mini Bambinos has all the right to terminate any and all USER/S access and scope toward the platform, as well as the usage of SERVICE, via the WEBSITE, upon proving and verifying the party's and/or USER's act of violating any and all of the given prohibitions and stipulations.

Section 14: Disclaimer Of Warranties,And Limitation of Liability

Mini Bambinos does not guarantee, warrant, nor represent any and all of the USER/S' use of MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, as well as the SERVICE, will not be error-free and uninterrupted. Nevertheless, we can endorse the timeliness and security of each and every USER/S' usage of the platform, and all of its relating instruments.
Mini Bambinos does not guarantee, as well, that any and all information obtained from the SERVICE and the WEBSITE will be accurate, reliable, timely, and error-free.

Any and all USER/S must consider that Mini Bambinos and MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, may, from time to time, remove the SERVICE for an indefinite amount or period of time. We may ensure cancellation of SERVICES, as well, at any time and without any notice to the USER/S. Accordingly, any and all USER/S should note that the overall usage or anything otherwise toward the SERVICE and the WEBSITE is at the USER/S sole risk.

Any and all SERVICE/S and/or products provided, serviced, and/or delivered by Mini Bambinos and MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, are "as is" and "as available" for each and every USER/S. These, however, do not come with any representation, conditions, warranties, and/or anything of the kind, either implied or specified.

Under no circumstance that Mini Bambinos, along with all of its heads, directors, officers, staff members, employees, agents, affiliates, contractors, suppliers, interns, service providers, and/or anyone related to the company, SERVICE, and WEBSITE will be liable for any and all losses, claims, injuries, damages, whether direct, indirect, punitive, and/or incidental. These also include but are not limited to the loss of savings, loss of revenues, loss of profits, and/or loss of data.

USER/S must note that these all apply whether based on contract, strict liability, and/or tort, including negligence, that may have arisen from the USER/S' use of Mini Bambino's SERVICE and/or products, as well as any and all orders applicable. Moreover, this affects, as well, any and all other claims related to the USER/S' usage of the SERVICE and/or products, including any and all kinds of omissions and errors in any of the content, any and all losses or damages incurred upon exhausting the SERVICE and/or products provided, posted, serviced, delivered, and/or transmitted.

These all come after some states, regions, locations, and/or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for either consequential or incidental damages. Otherwise, Mini Bambinos' liability shall have its limits to the maximum extent, providing that the laws applicable permit it.

Section 15: Indemnification

Any and all USER/S of and under Mini Bambinos and MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, shall indemnify, defend, and hold us unaccountable from any claim or demand due to the breach of the TERMS OF SERVICE. These include all fees, surcharges, and other relating costs, including attorney and legal fees made by any third-party.

Mini Bambinos, alongside all of its members and constituents, including heads, executives, subsidiaries, partners, directors, officers, affiliates, agents, licensors, contractors, service providers, suppliers, and/or any all employees, shall take no liability nor responsibility at this given time.

Section 16: Severability

On the rare occasion that any of the provisions and points under the TERMS OF SERVICE is determined and/or identified to be voided, unenforceable, and/or unlawful, such provision shall notwithstanding be enforceable to the fullest extent, providing that all laws applicable permits it.

As for the remaining unenforceable portion, Mini Bambinos shall deem and sever these aspects from the TERMS OF SERVICE. Upon determination and discovery, the act of severance shall by no means affect the validity of any and all other enforceable provisions.

Section 17: Termination

All of the liabilities, responsibilities, and obligations of any and all relating or participating parties prior to the termination date will survive the termination of the agreements under the TERMS OF SERVICE for all ventures and purposes. All points under the page are effective and will remain as is until the USER/S and/or Mini Bambinos terminate them in the process.
Any and all USER/S may choose to terminate the TERMS OF SERVICE at any time provided that notice/s will be given toward Mini Bambinos. The notice may indicate the USER/S wish to dismiss or discontinue the further use of the SERVICE/S, including even when the USER/S choose to cease using MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE.

Likewise, Mini Bambinos has all the right to terminate any and all agreements under the TERMS OF SERVICE with the USER/S, provided that in our sole judgment, verification, and/or discovery that the USER/S failed or may have failed to comply with the terms and/or provisions of the all the terms. We also have all the right to dismiss the agreement at any time even without the provision of notices toward the USER/S or parties in question. Nevertheless, the participating parties on the other end of the agreement will remain liable for all the amounts and damages due up to, and including the date of termination. Mini Bambinos will consequently have all the obligation to deny the USER/S in question access to any and all SERVICE/S provided by Mini Bambinos and MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE.

Section 18: Overall Agreement

Mini Bambinos' failure to enforce, observe, and/or exercise any right or provisions of the TERMS OF SERVICE shall by no means entail a waiver o any and all relating right or provision.
All points and aspects provided in these TERMS OF SERVICE, including any and all policies and rules, as well, even the ones posted on MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, constitute the entire agreement, including the understanding between the USER/S and Mini Bambinos. These also govern the USER/S use of the SERVICE, superseding any and all prior agreements and proposals, whether written or oral between the above-mentioned two parties.
Any ambiguities and incertitude in the interpretation of these TERMS OF SERVICE shall not be inferred against the drafting party.

Section 19: Governing Law

Any and all provisions, as well as points, under these TERMS OF SERVICE, including even any and all separate agreements amid the provision of SERVICE, shall remain in the governance of the laws of the United States.

Section 20: Changes to Terms of Service

Any and all USER/S are free to review, check, and analyze the most current and updated version of the Terms of Service at any time on this page, which can be found within MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE.
Mini Bambinos has all the rights, at its own discretion, to make changes, modifications, updates, edits, and/or replacements on any part of these TERMS OF SERVICE. The execution will directly and only affect the page as the changes and modifications will be posted as soon as possible.
Any and all USER/S has the responsibility to review and check MINIBAMBINOS.COM, the WEBSITE, periodically for any changes, updates, or modifications.

As the USER/S continue to use and/or access the website, and all relating platforms to Mini Bambinos, following the posting of the changes and modifications to these TERMS OF SERVICE, constitute the overall acceptance of those changes and revisions.

Section 21: Contact Information

Any and all USER/S may free to contact Mini Bambinos for further clarifications and inquiries about the Terms of Service via email: support@minibambinos.com